October 19
New vapes are in! Check out our new selection of the best new vapes in the industry, all right here waiting for you. There's something for everyone, so many different colors and levels of power, take a look around the Vapes category. Enjoy! 

October 5
New vapes on the way! From light puffers to heavy hitters and in-betweeners (like me), there's something for everyone. 
It seems we have the routine down! Everyone seems to be doing great with this new online ordering system. Of course if you have any questions, comments or anything at all, please reach out to me via the chat button or in an email. I always want to hear your feedback.
Have your packages been arriving safely? I haven't heard any issues with opened items in a while. 
Well, stay tuned for an update with the new vapes. Maybe I'll do a video. Until next time, hope you're all doing great! 

September 3
I miss you guys sometimes. When I see your orders, and I make your juice, the fragrance and the memories come back. How we'd chat in the shop, and I'd hear about what's going on in your lives. I miss it sometimes. Maybe you miss coming into the shop, too. It's Labor Day weekend and I guess I'm feeling nostalgic. Always know that loving care goes into each and every order. Even if I mess it up (haha)..
In other news, I can't put the little palm tree "thank you" stickers on packages anymore because orders are being stolen. Somewhere between the post office and your house, packages are being ripped open and the contents stolen out. And then they deliver the empty package. It's outrageous! I don't think it's Asheboro, I think it's the Greensboro distribution center. But still, plain unmarked packages from now on. 
In case you're wondering, I now prepare all orders from my home. I dedicated a room with a closed door to the entire inventory of the vape shop. It's been sanitized and stays closed up unless I'm in here making orders. No one comes into this room except me, and the clean conditions are the same (or better) than I kept them at the shop.
I'm still thinking about ways for you to pick up your orders. But, for now, and with the coming quarantine, it'll probably be this way for a while. Thank you for sticking with me through this crazy time. I'm doing everything possible to make your ordering process as seamless as possible.
I might move these messages to the "Blog" page. This seems a bit silly to put on the front page of a website.
Hope you're all well, and healthy. And not smoking! Never again, right?
Happy Labor Day, hope you had a great summer.

August 29
Looking for a flavor? Use our search bar! Enter any flavor, like pomegranate, and any juice with that flavor in it will come up.
Express shipping now available at checkout!
And thank you all so much for your generosity and tips. They've been so appreciated. It genuinely warms my heart to have your support.
Any questions or comments, Chat with me or send me an email.
Thanks again! 

August 2
You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Weekends, holidays, any day! 

July 28

We have taken steps to make sure your juice order arrives with no leaks!
Also, in this heat, juice gets thinner, and batteries get hot. Please keep your vape out of the heat whenever you can. Hope you're enjoying your Summer!

July 6
Chat with me! Click the Chat button and you'll be able to reach me. Even if it says I'm offline, your message goes straight to my phone. Chat away! 

July 2

Hi everyone!
We're sad to announce that we have
permanently closed the Daisy Shop.
Which means no more pickups.
It was sad to move out of our original Tiki Vapes location, but,
onward and upward!

We're now delivering locally, and shipping the rest via US Mail. 
They've improved a lot though!
Shipping times are getting faster, so don't despair.

We're getting orders out faster, too. Same day, sometimes same hour! So go ahead and order away! 

It's still a good rule of thumb to order juice
when you have half a bottle left, to avoid
shipping and holiday delays.

As always thank you, my beloved customers. I'm always here for you. So go ahead and ask any questions you may have. Use the Contact form and your message goes straight to my phone.
I always look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Summer!

palm trees tiki vapes green.jpg
palm trees tiki vapes green.jpg

June 1 
As you may know, vape products, like nicotine, are getting difficult to find. And difficult to ship. And much higher in price.

As for now, everything is fine. But we had a big scare when our nicotine supplier went out of business.
Luckily, we found a new one.

We have updated our prices and removed the 20% off coupon, but we don't think you'll miss it!
The new prices are fantastic! 

Thank you for your continued business, I'm very grateful
to have my good customers.
Hope you're all well!