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Tiki Vapes interior
Tiki Vapes Trademark finally comes in! March 2017

 Proudly displaying the U.S. trademark for Tiki Vapes that we waited three years to get.

How we started

Tiki Vapes started out as Sunset Vapors in Asheboro, NC on December 7, 2013. Due to legal reasons, we had to change the name, so we did! Tiki Vapes was re-born in mid 2014. Our customers didn't seem to mind;  as long as we kept good juice on the shelf and good prices that's all that really mattered. Since then we've learned as we grew, and our customers stood by us through all of the initial growing pains a small business endures. The end result is a great many loyal customers, an expert staff, and shop that we're proud to say grows every day of the year. 


“Always great service, amazing selection and good prices. I'll be a regular from now on.”

"Great store and Great atmosphere. They are extremely knowledgeable and this is the only vape shop I go to and the only one I'd recommend."


"The best customer service I've ever experienced in any store."

"The owner is very informative and has great customer service skills. I have been going to her store since I starting vaping. Very clean and comfortable atmosphere."

“Every time I go in there I have a great exprience. Highly recommend Tiki Vapes.”

"Always welcoming and professional. Love your place. Always able to answer any questions I have. See ya next week!"

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