The Vaporesso Gen 80 S is here

I've been on the lookout for a great vape that works with our most popular Gem disposable tanks and now it's here!

Introducing the Vaporesso Gen 80 S, a removable battery, durable and beautiful vape coated four times with metal protection to keep your colors looking new. It ranges up to 80 watts and has a large, clear display. Type C fast charging port is also used for firmware updates.

I've been using one (the Sunset Glow in pink, of course) for a few weeks to try it out and it's a winner! The only drawback I can come up with is it's a little small for my giant banana hands, but that's nitpicking. Other than that it's a fantastic find! Highly recommend.

I'll try to keep them in stock but if you see one you like get it while you can 😁☁️

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Order now to get orders before Memorial Day weekend delays! Use EXPRESS SHIPPING to get it there by Saturday. Happy memorial day🇺🇸🌞