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Shipping Times

Hi everyone! Just wanted to give you all an idea of how I ship orders. Here's my general schedule:

Monday through Friday: orders go out twice a day to the post office. Once around 10am, and again around 4:30pm. If your order is placed from 9am-4pm, it'll go out that day.

Anything after 4pm, I try to get out the same day but it'll likely go out the next day, since the post office closes at 5.

Saturday, one trip to the post office before 11:45am.

Sunday and federal holidays (when the post office is closed): orders go out the next business morning. But I prepare them the night before.

Basically, my shipping time works around the post office.

All orders should receive 3 emails; an order confirmation, your order is processing, and your order has shipped with a tracking number. If you're not receiving these messages, please check the spelling of your email address on your order. The system sends them automatically to your email address.

I haven't received any complaints about damaged orders in the mail in a long time. I've been trying to pack them up tightly. If your order arrives damaged or has any problems, please let me know.

Other than that, your juice is prepared in the same exact way its always been. I mix all the nicotine base myself, and mix your flavors myself as well. I use all the same recipes and flavors I've always used. Sometimes I think about changing it up a bit, but, I like my vape flavors just as they are. I'm guessing you do, too! I change the design on the labels sometimes, but that's about it. The flavors are the same as they've been since 2014.

Of course if you want something different, you can always request it with our "Custom Flavor" option. Whether it's something you saw on another brand, a favorite cocktail, smoothie, dessert, just let me know and I'll try to whip it up for you!

But if you're sticking with your favorite blend, don't forget about our Tiki Prime auto delivery! It's a great way to get your juice on a regular basis!

And if not, try to remember, order when half full. It's a great way to never run out.

Ok thanks! Hope you're all doing great 🙂and thank you for being great customers💕

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