New and restock!

These just in! Introducing the Smok Novo 3 Kit, a tiny little pocket vape that is draw activated. Great for light puffers or as a backup/spare vape. Replacement pods also available, although the kit comes with two pods.

Restocked: the beloved Smok Nord 2 Kit is in stock in the most popular colors, red stabilizing wood, black stabilizing wood, and 7-color cobra.

My personal favorite the Freemax Gem Kit is now available in blue and black. Comes with two disposable tanks, can't beat that! I'll get more colors as they come available - let me know what colors you'd like!

Also restocked: Smok Nord 1.4 coils, and Smok V8 Baby Mesh coils.

More coming soon, stay tuned! 😁☁️☁️❤️

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