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New and Re-stock!

Our vape inventory is growing! If you've been needing a new setup, now is the time to check out these new beauties:

New! The Freemax Marvos S resembles one of our longest-running customer favorite vapes, the iStick Pico. Shaped similarly with an external battery and a compact, square design, the Marvos S packs a good punch up to 80 watts. And it's lightweight zinc, stainless steel & leather body makes for a nice grip.

The coils in this pod-tank are made with the wonderful Freemax tea fiber cotton, which has been a big hit with me and many of my customers. The fast wicking time, flavor presence, and the long lasting coils are a winner across the board.

New! The Freemax Marvos Kit (with no S) is a rugged, small, pocket rocket for those who are hard on their mods and tend to get them dirty, wet, or dropped a lot. These are basically military grade with their impact/dust/water resistance and pack a nice wallop up to 60 watts.

The compact size is great to keep in a pocket, along with the internal 2000mAh battery with quick-charging via usb-C cable (included), and of course the Freemax tea fiber cotton coils, make this a winner as well.

Also in stock, the Smok Nord 2 - in the most popular colors, red stabilizing wood, black stabilizing wood and 7-color cobra - yowza

Some coils and more are re-stocked, look around and see what's new. Thanks for reading my new blog, I hope to make these better as I learn :)

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