Bella's Blood is back!

For those of you who remember the original Bella's Blood e-liquid that we created in 2014, it's now available again! It's on our website with the same awesome flavor it's always had.

Bella's Blood and Maximus are the same pomegranate flavor. In 2015 when sub-ohm (high temperature) vaping became popular, we developed Maximus as a "thicker" version, so it wouldn't burn as fast, would hit smoother, and cloud better.

It was a big hit with most of our customers, but some didn't understand the change, or they liked the "harder hitting" Bella's Blood.

We'll, now they are both the same.

If you'd like the original 50vg/50pg version, just put 50/50 in the Customize it box. It's been very rare anyone asks for 50/50 anymore but we can still make it, in any flavor, if you like.

I've been meaning to debut this for a long time and put it off because I wasn't sure if it would confuse anyone. But I have awesome new labels for Bella so if you like the old name better, you're welcome to it!

Feel free to order Bella's Blood or Maximus today!

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