120ml Twist Cap Bottles

Now in stock! These easy-squeezy 120ml bottles have this great twist-close cap. I've used these for a long time and I love them. Just ask for a "twist cap bottle" in the comment box when ordering any 120ml flavor. These twist caps are also available on our 8oz and 16oz bottles.

Have you checked out Tiki Prime? It's just like Amazon Prime and designed to make your life easier. Some customers have already signed up and we're so excited to get them them started!

It'll also help me keep items in stock that you'll be needing, and to pre-mix your flavors so they're steeped and ready to go on your shipping day.

If you have any questions just hit me up on our "chat with me" button, or our contact form, or send me an email at info@tikivapes.com I'm always happy to hear from you. Happy vaping! 😁☁️☁️

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