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Golisi G30 18650 Batteries

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Price is for a pack of two batteries.

Back in stock! The Golisi G30 is a 3.7 volt, (20 amp/max 30 amp) 18650 battery which is suited perfectly for vapes hitting under 80 watts.

Remember, these are very high-power batteries. Always use exceptional care and caution when using, charging, carrying or doing anything with these batteries. Keep them clean, dry, with no rips in the casing, no dents, or any other deformities. If your vape battery has any abnormalities, immediately discontinue use, dispose properly, and get new batteries.

Capacity: 3000mAh

Constant Discharging Current: 20A

Power Range 74W ( 3.7V * 20A ) to 60W (3.0V *20A)

High performance: the CDC keeps at 20A even only 40% of power left

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